5 Steps on How to Design Your Home Without an Architect

Eric Babin, President, Babin Custom Builders

Eric Babin, President, Babin Custom Builders

When it comes to designing homes, what most home owners are concerned of is the expense. And a large portion of the budget usually goes to hiring and paying an architect. But if you want to cut costs, you can plan the design of your house yourself and get Destin custom home builders make your vision come true.

1. Have a Vision

This is the very first step in designing your home. You must visualize what you want to do with your house and how you want it to look. If the house was your dream home, how will it look like? Answer this to yourself and define your desires.

2. Look for Ideas

Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere. Take a visit in your neighborhood, maybe you’ll find a house that will get you inspired. You can also get ideas by attending open houses or searching house designs online and on magazines. And while you’re at it, take photographs of the designs you want to incorporate to your own home.

 3. Jot down the must-haves

But before doing this, it is advised of you to get yourself a planning journal or notebook. First thing to write down are the things that your house needs, whether it’s the tile flooring of your bathroom or new curtains. Next is to jot down your wish-list. All the house items you wish to have, write them down. This will serve as a reminder and an inspiration. You can also paste the pictures you have taken to give you ideas on what to add on your lists.

 4. Develop a Design

After writing down the items that you need to get, the next thing to do is to make a floor plan sketch. You can search the basics of a floor plan over the Internet so there’s no need for you to consult an architect at this stage. Start by blocking out the basic areas and planning the layout of the rooms. After doing so, consider the box that will surround the rooms. Would you want it craftsman-styled, Split-leveled, Colonial, or Geodesic dome? Choose which conventions work for you best. You can also work on your floor plan using your computer or laptop. There is a software that enables you to make professional-looking floor plans as well as place rooms, walls, windows, etc.

 Tip: While it is hard to contain the excitement of designing your home and seeing it come to life, take all the time you need in the planning stage. Be as meticulous as you can get. Remember, achieving your dream home leaves no room for regrets.

 5. Make it Happen

Now it’s time to turn your dreams to reality. No need of getting an architect to get it done for you. At this point, you can directly get a custom home builder service to do the job. Simply show your design plan and they’ll do it exactly as you wish it to be. The good news is that there are several Destin custom home builders so it’s just a matter of choosing what service you think is best.

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